3 Things I didnt even know existed before I started at GA

Now that my bootcamp is over (sadly) I have finally had a moment to decompress and really think about all the things that I learned! While listing everything would be a very long article, here are couple of highlights from the later part of the career.

Backend as a Service: Holy crap, this blew my mind. With services such as Parse (Facebook) and Firebase (Google), you can push your entire back end code to the cloud! Which means you full stack app only needs client side code and everything else is taken care of. MIND BLOWN!!

Amazon run the internet: Most people think of Amazon as the undisputed leader in e-commerce and logistics. What many people dont know that Amazon also pretty much runs the internet's infrastructure without which the internet would be a sad place. The number of services that AWS provides is mindboggling and makes the ecommerce business seem like a total front for something far more dangerous.

Ionic: While I personally didnt use it, many of my classmates did and it seems really amazing. Ionic allows the developer to create an iOS app in JS without having to write in Swift/Objective C.