PRODUCT: Launched Lightyear, the future of teletherapy


On April 18, 2016, PresenceLearning changed the tele-therapy game by launching the Lightyear (yes, named after the Toy Story character!) platform, the world leader in real-time, interactive, and hassle free tele-therapy. 

Lightyear allows clinicians and their clients to:

  • Participate in a 1-on-1 or 1-on-many live and face to face therapy session (speech, mental health, occupational therapy) on a web browser without any additional downloads
  • Create clinical content and upload material to the platform for used by hundreds of other clinicians on the platform

  • Play therapeutic games designed to improve memory

  • Co-browse the internet with all participants

  • Document notes and scores and store it securely in the students records in a HIPAA compliant storage stack

Key technologies used to develop Lightyear

  • Firebase - for real time syncing of multiple sessions

  • WebRTC - open sourced video conferencing solution

  • AngularJS - JS based front end framework

  • Saucelabs - remote cross browser automation testing

  • ProtractorJS - end to end automation testing

Press for Lightyear launch

The launch of the new platform in April 2016 received very favorably in the education sector.

Here is a video of the platform in action and the impact it makes: